Smart Business Hall

Pain Points

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    Lack of Accurate Customer Flow Statistics

    Traditional business halls lack of accurate statistical means for customer flow and business processing rate, so cannot quantitatively analyze or assess customer flow operation in stores.

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    Lack of Customer Flow Perception

    It is impossible to perceive the whole process, trace and stay time of customers, and thus cannot provide data support and real-time response for exhibition hall display, moving line layout and personnel gathering.

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    Lack of User Portrait Analysis

    Because of the lack of the portraits analysis of the customer entering the store, It is impossible to identify new customers, old customers and VIP customers at the first time, so cannot do personnel diversion and provide personalized services.

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    Lack of Interactive Marketing Scenarios

    Because of the lack of vivid interaction with customers, it is impossible to identify different customers and provide personalized services and marketing strategy, and customer loyalty is low.

System Architecture

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hall advantage

Solution Advantage

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    Self-owned Facial ID Algorithm

    Verified by retail business models, It is efficient, stable and accurate.

  • hall advantage 02

    AI Data Intelligence

    Personalized advertisement and coupon automatic operation optimization engine rapidly empowered the digitalized transformation of traditional retail.

  • hall advantage 03

    Big Data Processing Architecture

    Meet business requirements of large-scale chain stores.

Intelligent Application Scenario

Facial ID-level customer flow identification and analysis can be achieved by installing face cameras in business halls and entrances.

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    • hall scene icon 01 Customer Flow Statistics

      In-store customer flow, regional customer flow, business conversion rate

    • hall scene icon 02 Customer Portrait Analysis

      Gender, Age, Processing Frequency

    • hall scene icon 03 Customer Flow Thermodynamic Chart

      Heat distribution of customer flow in different periods

    • hall scene icon 04 Emergency Alarm

      Staff gathering alarm, Employee departure warning

  • hall arrow
    • Digital Customer Flow

      Virtual members involved

    • Counter Items Optimization

      Dynamic allocation of cherry pick at different periods

    • Optimize the Moving Line Layout of Exhibition Hall

      Based on customer retention and attention

    • Store Real-time Exception Alarm

      Customer and employee anomaly management

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    • VIP, new and regular customer identification

      Customer identification, insight on their arrival

    • Improve customer service quality

      Personalized service based on customer profile

    • Increase sales of financial products

      Accurate recommendation based on historical preference

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    Smart screen with facial camera can detect user Facial ID, stay time, scene preference, etc. Providing accurate scene interactive marketing and ads delivery.
    Support existing screen SDK camera transformation.

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    • hall scene icon 05

      AR interactive games – targeting discount delivery

    • hall scene icon 06

      Personalization – precise ads serving and products recommendation

    • hall scene icon 07

      Intelligent Information Publish

  • hall arrow
    • Increase Stickiness

      Provide multi-faceted business access

    • Improve Experience

      Interactive games bring fun

    • Enhance Conversion Rate

      Personalized ads serving for targeting customer segments

Intelligent Data Report

  • hall data 01

    Store Customer Flow Statistics

    Based on store camera, detect customer flow, regional customer flow, business conversion rate (combined with business system data) and other customer flow indicators:

    • Support customized camera detection area division
    • Support accurate regional customer flow statistics
    • Support new and old customer identification
  • hall data 02

    Accurate Marketing Analysis-Advertisement Effect Monitoring

    • Intelligent and accurate advertising according to different area, scenario and customer group
    • Automatically generated report of advertisement viewing and conversion effect, optimize advertisement display
    • Automatically generated profile of watchers
  • hall data 03

    Coupon Operation Effect

    • Monitor customer coupon receiving status in different scenario
    • Automatically generated Facial ID based customer coupon receiving distribution, verification status and other data, real-time understanding of the progress of marketing activities

Intelligent Hardware

Guiding Area

Marketing Area

Waiting Area

hall hardware 01
  • Provide leading, diverting and guiding service to customers entering the site
  • Provide overall product introduction of the business hall and recommendation to customers
  • Provide customers with online operation and online store ordering
hall hardware 02

Customer managers get to know customer profile and business handling status through PAD on their arrival, and provide personalized financial service recommendation based on AI

hall hardware 03
  • Provide product information and transaction
  • Basic information inquiry function of the site (including address, business hours, contact information, monthly average punctuality rate)
  • External announcements content of the site
  • Facial recognition, accurate marketing
hall hardware 04 en
hall hardware 05
  • Provide product information and transactions
  • Basic site information inquiry function (including address, business hours, contact information, monthly average punctuality rate)
  • External announcements content of the site
  • Interactive games, push related financial knowledge

Application Scenario

  • hall scene 01

    Bank Workstation

  • hall scene 02

    Telecom Business Hall

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