Application Cases

Xuzhou University Road Smart Store of CP Lotus

Technical Advantage

  • AIoT based whole shopping process data collection
  • AI Data Intelligence Engine based personalized marketing
  • Big Data Processing Architecture to meet the business of large scale retail chains

Project Overview

  • Xuzhou University Road store of CP Lotus is the first smart store built by KANKAN AI and CP Lotus.
  • KANKAN AI upgrades CP stores with AI hardware (AR interactive screen, POSPAD, AI camera) to achieve digitized whole process data collection ranging from customer entering to store, selecting the goods, and checkout.Meanwhile, with interconnecting the store’s POS and CRM systems, and combined with the KANKAN AI smart marketing engine, the precise traffic counting, precise marketing, and smart operation are all supported. It effectively solves the pain points such as lack of customer insights, serious customer churn, and lack of target marketing methods.
  • The University Road store has an operating area of 3,000 square meters. During the period of opening, the store gets an average daily turnover of more than CNY 1 million, a 25% increase in average revenue per customer, a 78.5% membership coverage rate for all orders (Facial-ID virtual members contributing more than 50% of the growth rate), and a coupon redemption rate of 71.4% which is 3 times as much as usual rate.
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Smart Upgrade for Dalian China Film Huachen Cinema

creat a new generation smart cinema marketing system

Project Overview

  • As a smart retail technology provider, KANKAN AI provides smart cinema solution to China Film Huachen Cinema who is a leading cinema brand in China.
  • The POS-PAD installed on the cashier helps collect customer's Facial-ID and shopping history in real-time, precisely recording the shopping preference, consumption level, and other personalized data, generating a comprehensive and detailed customer portrait, and promoting cinema development with personalized, digitized, intellectualized, and innovative experiences and services.
  • The Facial-ID interactive game screen placed in the self-service area of the cinema lobby, could help attract the visitor to register as a member by playing the game. With the registration info and auto-generated customer portrait, gifts and coupons can be precisely issued and target marketing can be achieved, to increase interaction stickiness, sales conversion, revenue per customer, and customer retention.
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Smart Traffic Counting System for Milan Hui Home Improvement Exhibition and Trade Center

KANKAN AI enters to home improvement industry, helping stores reasonably plan the shopping path, understand the traffic distribution, and attract investments

Project Overview

  • With a total construction area of about 180,000 square meters and a height of 120 meters, Milan Hui Home Improvement Exhibition and Trade Center is located in the core area of the national famous "Ten-Mile Furniture Corridor" with world-class hardware and facilities, hosting the headquarters and flagship showrooms of the country's leading furniture manufacturers.
  • AI face detection cameras are installed at mall entrances, elevator entrances, store entrances, and main aisles to get the visitor flow and traffic distribution in real-time, obtaining the capabilities of different brands to attract customers.

Core Values:

  • Data-driven investment management
  • Optimized shopping path plan
  • Fine-grain operation management

Bank of China-Smart Marketing Management Platform for Guangzhou City and Sichuan Province Has Been Launched

KANKAN AI and Hanvon Technology Jointly Planned the Smart Store Upgrade Project for Telecom Operator Customers

Project Summary

  • KANKAN AI and Hanvon Technology have jointly planned the objective, the framework, the project list, and the implementation plan of the smart telecom operator store upgrade project with the clients. As of December 2019, the smart store's queue management system has been launched in Henan, Hubei, Hainan, Hebei, and Guangdong.

Core Values

  • Count in-store traffic, optimize store layout and increase the rate of the visitor entering to store
  • Apply precise customer group management and target marketing to improve business conversion
  • Realize smart product recommendation by analyzing customers' shopping behaviors, to increase revenue per customer
  • Establish the customer loyalty system and enhance the customer relationship, to increase customer arrival rate
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State Grid Electric Power Supply Service Center

Project Summary

  • KANKAN AI empowers the smart upgrade of electricity business hall with the advantages of facial recognition, pedestrian recognition and big data .

Core Products

  • Dressing Mirror
  • Smart store traffic counting
  • Heat-map
  • Precise Marketing
school 1

Hangzhou Wenli Primary School

Project Overview

  • Founded in September 2013, Wenli Primary School covers an area of 21,748 square meters, with a total construction area of 20,517 square meters, 36 classes, more than 80 teachers, and nearly 2,000 students.
  • The school leaders are committed to smart campus construction and pay great attention to students arriving and leaving school. To get students’ attendance info in real-time, the school adopts KANKAN AI non-perceptive facial recognition time attendance system, which improves the accuracy of attendance statistics and the work efficiency of teachers, school doctors, and security guards. Furthermore, the access control system, smart energy-saving system, and smart campus information display platform are deployed subsequently, and the school is very satisfied with the project implementation.
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Chengdu No.7 High School Gaoxin Campus

Project Overview

  • Chengdu No.7 High School (Chengdu Middle School) is a nationally famous and internationally influential full-time high school, one of the four "national model high schools" in China, and a pioneer of basic education reform. Chengdu No.7 High School (Chengdu Middle School) now has two campuses, Linyin and Gaoxin, covering an area of 238 acres, with nearly 6,000 teachers and students. The school has achieved outstanding results in the comprehensive quality cultivation of students, curriculum reform, the basic training of top-notch creative talent, the modernization and internationalization of education, and the construction of smart campuses.
    Leaders from the Education Bureau of Chengdu visited Gaoxin Campus of Chengdu No.7 High School to guide campus epidemic prevention and control preparations and gave high recognition to the school's construction and KANKAN AI's system.
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Xiaoshan Changshan Primary School

Project Overview

  • The school was founded in 1949 and was formerly known as the Yijiuerbao School and Chengbei School. The campus covers an area of 9,819 square meters, with 23 classes, 1,032 students, 72 teaching staff, of which 90.91% are college-educated and 14 are municipal or district teaching stars.
  • On the morning of March 31, led by the Chief of the Education Bureau's Party Group of Xiaoshan District, Director of the Supervision Department of the Education Bureau’s Education Guidance Center of East of the City, and officers of municipal and district health departments, a total of 6 people visited Changshan Primary School to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention work and gave a high appraisal to KANKAN AI’s Epidemic Control System for its technological advantages in real-time precise control.

Case Study

  • In the Jiangsu and Zhejiang region, the systems for dozens of primary and secondary schools, such as Hangzhou Sandun Primary and Secondary School and Zhejiang University Affiliated Primary School, have been launched, as well as the Education Commission of Pengshui County, Chongqing, Chengdu No.7 Middle School, and many other prominent schools.
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CTCloud Headquarters of China Telecom Shaanxi Branch

Project Overview

  • China Telecom Shaanxi Branch (China Telecom Shaanxi for short) is the leading full-service telecom operator in Shaanxi Province, providing integrated information services such as fixed-line telephony, mobile communications, and Internet access and applications.
  • The project solution includes visitor registration kiosk, face recognition access controller, face recognition server, and visitor reservation and management client and workstation. The workflow is designed mainly based on face recognition technology and supplemented by IC and Citizen ID cards, to greatly improve user experience and to provide a comprehensive record of effective personnel ID and access control history.
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Jiaoda Lvling - Intelligent Community Construction

Project Overview

  • KANKAN AI cooperated with Hesheng Hi-Tech to carry out a smart upgrade of the personnel access facilities in Chengdu Jiaoda Lvling residential area. Facial recognition access control panels and facial recognition swing gates were installed in the entrances and exits of the block building and residential area.
  • The property management company could provide service to inhabitants through the APP, which relieves the daily operation of each system in the community, makes the management more convenient and effective, and reduces the manual cost.
    Meanwhile, the proprietors can upload face information through APP to realize face door-opening for the visitor. The proprietors can also check property announcements through the APP and pay for living expenses, providing the proprietors with a smart, safe, healthy, and comfortable living environment.
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Ningbo “Intelligent Safe Residential Area” Project

Technical Advantages

  • Deep learning algorithm independently developed by KANKAN AI 99.83% Facial Recognition Accuracy Finish recognition within 7 ms

Project Overview

  • This old residential area renovation project addresses the last-mile problem of capturing pedestrian/vehicle information and syncing with the public security information platform.
  • In this project, KANKAN AI launches a facial recognition video intercom system based on self-developed technology. Combined with cloud intercom technology, the system perfectly solves the problem of renovating the old communities' video intercom system.
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Reform of Zhongxing Garden Residential Area - Video Intercom System for Building Gates

Project Overview

  • Zhongxing Garden residential area was built in 2000. Over the years, all kinds of basic hardware facilities of the residential area need to be reformed. KANKAN AI has reformed the building doors and video intercom system of the residential area. The system adopts cloud intercom technology (no indoor unit required), and the outdoor unit could make a call directly to the owner's mobile phone APP or voice call so that both APP and voice call could be used for opening the door via the intercommunication and guarantee of dual-network. At the same time, the facial recognition system is deployed in the residential area, to allow the video intercom system to support the facial recognition door-opening function.
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Shanghai Xinhua Hospital - Facial Recognition Access Control

Project Overview

  • Shanghai Xinhua Hospital is a university hospital affiliated with the School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It was established in 1958, and was the first general hospital self-designed and built by Shanghai since the founding of PR China. Its outpatient and emergency departments are always one of the busiest among Shanghai's Grade 3, Class A hospitals.
  • The hospital upgraded its original card-swipe access control system with KANKAN AI’s facial recognition access control and video intercom system. The new system effectively solved problems of the original system, such as the management difficulties of one person with multiple cards, compatibilities of outdated equipment. The hospital leadership highly recognized the solution.

Pig Farm Biosecurity Management System for CP Group

  • Founded in 1921, CP Group has been engaged in feed production for more than 80 years, pig breeding for more than 60 years, and pig genetic breeding for 40 years. CP selects the best breeds of pigs in Europe, North America, Australia, and other countries, and at the same time adopts advanced genetic breeding technology to improve them, to obtain breeding pigs and commercial pigs that are strong, efficient, and meet the requirements of breeders and consumers.
  • Help pig farms build a platform based on artificial intelligence image recognition, accessing legacy video surveillance cameras currently deployed at key facilities on the farm.
  • According to the needs of pig farms, the system can analyze a variety of biosecurity-related behaviors from the video surveillance system, and help pig farms to make real-time biosecurity smart violation warning.
  • The construction of the system mainly includes the integration with the existing video surveillance system, the cloud platform application development, and the platform hardware infrastructure construction.
safe 2

Shanghai Longjing Technology allied with KANKAN AI launched Intelligent Kitchen Monitoring System in Minhang District of Shanghai

Technical Advantages

  • Digitalization: Informatization of supervision links, digitalized management of supervision system, and improvement of supervision effectiveness
  • Centralization: Cloud-based supervision system, remote centralized supervision, improved supervisory efficiency
  • Intellectualization: Intelligent system is used to assist manual supervision, and expand supervision coverage and working hours

Project Overview

  • After the system has been operational, the real-time status of the managed kitchen is under centralized supervision on the cloud. For violations referred to the management requirements of the supervision department, such as strangers entering the kitchen, production without chef‘s hat, production without masks,  infestations of mice, the system can continuously perform supervision and identification for 24 hours without interruption, and centrally submits records of violation, and forensic photos are retained. Management personnel do not need to manually monitor the video in real time, and can confirm and review the saved violation records anytime and anywhere, and find violations in time, which improves the efficiency of supervision .
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Construction Site of Tsinghua University North Gymnasium

  • The Tsinghua University North Gymnasium is located in the northeast sports field of Tsinghua University, with a total construction area of 38,280 square meters, and the project has extremely high requirements for safe and civilized construction and fire prevention.
  • With KANKAN AI smart construction site solution, the project implements a comprehensive and accurate real-name labor management system, which accurately controls and records the person entering and leaving the office, living area, and work area by facial recognition swing gate.
  • Surveillance cameras are set up throughout the site to record staffs who are violated by not wearing helmets.
  • The electronic fence system is deployed around the pits, areas to stack dangerous goods, and areas marked by cordons and signs, to comprehensively improve construction site safety, combining with equipment safety monitoring.
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A CITIC Guoan Construction Group Construction Site - Intelligent Safe Production Supervision System

Technical Advantages

  • It can recognize the face and helmet wearing at the same time and generate violation records for those who do not wear the helmet, and can be linked with the personnel swing gate.
  • Multiple kinds of recognition can be achieved by the original standard surveillance cameras.

Project Overview

  • CITIC Guoan Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd. is affiliated to CITIC Guoan Group under CITIC Group. The total assets are about CNY 10.5 billion, ranked as "Top 100 Enterprises in Sichuan Province". KANKAN AI and CITIC Guoan Construction Group cooperated deeply in the safe production supervision field. Considering the actual needs of safe production management and personnel management in the construction site, KANKAN AI provided CITIC Guoan the Intelligent Safe Production Supervision System for a key model construction site in Shenzhen.
  • Since the system has been launched, the relevant alarm events on the construction site that violate the safety production management regulations, such as: not wearing a helmet, entering dangerous areas, etc., can be viewed in real time on the large screen of the monitoring center, desktop computers, smart phones, tablet, etc. The requirements of CITIC Guoan Construction Group for the production safety management of the construction site. Relevant management personnel can conduct real-time supervision of personnel safety violations at the construction site at any time, and can discover potential safety hazards in a timely manner and promptly investigate and correct them, which improves safety supervision indicators and improves the efficiency of production safety supervision.
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Ningxia Building Material Group

  • Ningxia Building Material Group Co., Ltd. is one of the 60 key cement enterprises supported by the state and a highly competitive building materials enterprise in the western region, whose shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 2003 (referred to as "Ningxia Building Material", stock code: 600449).
  • The Group's cement plant applied face recognition access control system, vehicle and driver access control system, dress code detection system, visitor registration system, time attendance system, stranger early warning system, pedestrian detection system, fire, smoke, and dust detection system, and cement production safety system. The entire system can play an effective early warning function for illegal production, personnel records, and prevention of dangerous areas in cement plants, and it can play a vital role in protecting national property and people’s lives and property by turning post-event tracing into pre-warning.
safe 6

A Intelligent Construction Site - Intelligent Identification of Violations

Project Overview

  • China Construction First Building (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in October 1995. It is the most internationally competitive branch in China Construction Group.
  • KANKAN collaborated with the science and technology department of the China Construction First Building Group to discuss their needs multiple times, combined with the field investigation, and finally tailored the artificial intelligence-based construction site safety solution. Intelligent Management Cloud Platform is the core component of the whole system, using the world's leading artificial intelligence recognition and data analysis technology. At the same time, the system also realized nationwide networking, hierarchical supervision, and other functions. Through the deployment of this project, the sub-construction-company under the group can supervise construction safety in real-time, discover potential safety hazards, check and correct them in the timely manner. It has improved multiple safety supervision indicators, and improve the safety precautions, management level, and civilized norms of construction sites.