Food Safety

Pain Point

  • jc

    High consuming of human resource and low check frequency

  • jd

    Unable to predict accident

  • sj

    Low working efficiency— Manually check and review of monitoring video

Innovation of Supervision

  • icon ai
    Intelligent Supervision
  • VS
  • icon eye
    Traditional Supervision
  • right All-aspects Supervision
    right Life Cycle Supervision
    right Intelligent Enforcement
    right Digitized Supervision
    right Pre-Prevention, Real Time Monitoring
  • wrong Post-event Supervision
    wrong Main Channel Supervision
    wrong Management by Punishment
    wrong Supervision in Person
    wrong Unclear Responsibilities


structure en

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Key Features

  • zhuozhuang
    Uniform Recogntion
  • jiancha
    Hands Sanity Check
  • xingwei
    Behavior Pose Detection
  • laji
    Trach Bin Detection
  • laoshu
    Rat Detection
  • ziwaixian
    Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Detection

User Value

  • jkbm

    Supervision Department

    • Full time coverage
    • Pre-prevention
    • Intelligent supervision reduces labor requirements
    • Supervision technology innovation
    • Serving enterprise
  • cyqy

    Catering Enterprise

    • Reduce the affects of on-site supervision
    • Improve the corporate image
    • Employee management
    • Avoid business impact by food safety incidents
    • Social responsibility
  • shgz

    The Public

    • Guarantee food security
    • Safe consumption
    • Interactive comments and sharing
    • Open, transparent and monitor-able

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