Target Recognition

Target recognition technology that has been widely used in various applications

  • core tech 03 item 01

    Safety Helmet Identification

    To Effectively identify workers' safety helmet wearing status, and recognize faces while detecting if the worker follows the safety dress code.
    • It could be used in the field of safety production to record evidence of the violators.
    • Support detection of chef hats and masks wearing status.
    • Support detection of customized safety dress code.

  • core tech 03 item 02

    Fire/Smoke Detection

    Based on intelligent video analysis and deep learning neural network technology, fire/smoke in surveillance area could be detected, real-time analyzed and alarmed. The smoke and flame on the monitoring screen can be accurately and timely detected without other sensing devices.
    • It could be used for intelligent fire alarm.

  • core tech 03 item 03

    Mice Recognition

    Real-time monitoring of the video stream, real-time alarm will be triggered once mouse appears.
    • It could be used for the management and supervision of key hygienic areas such as kitchens to prevent plague, and improve the supervision efficiency.

  • core tech 03 item 04

    Motorcycle Recognition

    To Effectively idenity bicycles, batteries, motorcycles and recognize motorcycle license plate number.
    • It can be used for capturing motorcycle traffic violations on the road.

  • core tech 03 item 05

    Intrusion Detection

    Intelligent warning of people in the region and specific time period.
    • Can be widely used in park perimeters, forbidden areas, and hazardous areas.

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