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Industry Applications

  • Smart Store Application

    Create a new application of data, intelligent and humanized offline retail scenes. Combine with the optimal buried point deployment unit, it can identify fragmented and unstructured user behaviors in retail scenarios at the millisecond level, restore consumer decision paths, dig potential consumption demands, guide stores to respond promptly, and effectively improve the shopping experience of consumers. Continuously optimize the iterative tens of thousands of people and commodity matching tags, combined with store passenger flow thermal analysis and user behavior structural analysis, comprehensively connect all the human-goods-field data, in order to realize personalized service and intelligent product recommendation system, intelligent customer management system, thus comprehensively improve store passenger flow, per customer transaction and repurchase rate.

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    Membership Management System

    The Smart Store Membership System is a brand-new membership system based on KANKAN AI’s proprietary Facial ID algorithm.

    Virtual member information, which is different from the physical membership card members in traditional stores, will be generated according to the unique identifier of Facial ID collected from the intelligent devices distributed around the stores. It constructs the full membership system (Visual member + registered member) of intelligent stores, thus automatically completes the identification, awareness and reach the customers who enter the stores.

    User consumption portraits will be created with KANKAN AI intelligent data center. It can accurate target marketing reach of customers based on Facial ID, facilitates new retail transformation of the stores, and effectively improves operation of the stores.

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    Personalized Interactive Large Screen

    Intelligent large screen is an integrated intelligent hardware product provided by KANKAN AI for the smart retail field.

    The large-screen integrated facial recognition camera, multi-touch capacitive screen and small ticket printer, based on REMARKAI high-precision facial recognition algorithm and artificial intelligence engine, also provides a vivid customer interaction experience and thousands of smart retail services.

    As the core equipment of intelligent retail system front-end, the Interactive large screen is distributed in the major customer flow area of ​​a store, providing customers with comprehensive interactive experiences such as interactive AR games, advertisement display, membership registration, store navigation, advice feedback, and coupon issuance. Collecting facial ID to achieve the contactless awareness and target marketing based on user portrait.

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    Intelligent Cashier PAD

    POS Pad is an integrated intelligent retail hardware product provided by REMARKAI for the smart retail field.

    POS Pad integrates multi-touch capacitive screen and facial recognition camera, adopts high-performance RK3288 platform which integrated with quad-core Cortex-A17 processor and powerful GPU (Mali-T764), and has efficient graphical information collection, display and pre-processing capability.

    As the core equipment of intelligent retail system front-end, the POS Pad is installed next to the POS machine of cashier counter in the checkout area,and facing customers. Through the data intercommunication with the existing POS system, it provides order information and advertisement push service for the checkout customers, and simultaneously realizes the virtual member, Facial ID and order information.

  • Application Cases

    Xuzhou University Road Smart Store of CP Lotus

    Technical Advantages

    • Facial ID based membership system, identifying new customers, repeat customers and members, using face features as customer unique identifiers to obtain further customer information
    • Intelligent hardware-based customer shopping process data collection
    • AI data intelligent engine based personalized accurate marketing reach
    • Big data processing architecture, meet the needs of large-scale chain retail

    Project Summary

    Xuzhou University Road store of CP Lotus is the first intelligent store built by KANKAN AI in cooperation with the CP Lotus Northern Region.

    KANKAN AI realized digital data collection of the whole process from customers entering the store to purchase and checkout through the intelligent hardware upgrade (AR interactive screen, POSPAD, face camera) of CP Lotus Store; Based on the industry-leading facial recognition algorithm, the Facial ID was used as the unique identifier of the customer to build a full membership system (virtual + registration); Meanwhile, it exchanged data between the Facial ID member system and the existing POS and CRM system of stores, and the KANKAN AI intelligent marketing engine was combined to perform store customer flow analysis by using Facial ID to implement the accurate marketing and intelligent operation. It effectively solves the problem of lacking customer awareness, serious customer churn, weak target marketing and other pain points.
The business area of ​​University Road Shop is 3,000 square meters. The average daily turnover during the opening period exceeded one million, the customer unit price increased by 25%, the accumulated orders coverage rate of membership reached 78.5% (virtual member contribution exceeded 50% growth rate), and the coupon verification rate reached 71.4 %, which was 3 times of the usual.

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  • A Telecom Operator’s Intelligent Business Hall Upgraded

    Technical Advantages

    • Through the video stream to detect the Facial ID and accurately calculate the statistics of the lobby traffic, and realize the proportion of potential customers and actual visited customers in the store
    • Simultaneously tracking multiple humanoid IDs in the area, and record the stay time to provide regional customer intention analysis
    • Provide gender, age and other attributes identification

    Project Overview

    The telecom operator currently has the world largest network scale, with the largest number of customers, leading profitability and brand value, and ranking top in market value.

    KANKAN AI cooperated deeply with the telecom operator in its Intelligent business hall solution. By facial recognition, human tracking, big data analysis to quickly identify the customers flow entering the hall, it laid a foundation for comprehensive understanding of customer information and carrying out accurate marketing. At the same time, based on facial recognition technology, it supported statistics to hall customer flow, customer flow conversion, customers moving line, hall internal thermodynamic analysis and so on, provided data and analysis support for improving operational capability of the business hall.

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  • A Bank's Intelligent Business Hall Upgraded and Renovation

    Technical Advantages

    • Facial ID of customer flow can be accurately counted by video stream detection
    • Push notification when VIP comes to the store, timely notify customer manager to provide personalized service to improve service quality
    • Multiple human IDs in a region can be simultaneously tracked and the residence time can be counted.
    • Personalized big data marketing engine

    Project Overview

    Based on KANKAN AI platform, the project combined traditional banking services with technological innovation by using facial recognition technology and intelligent marketing system, collected and analyzed customer behavior characteristics through the intelligent hardware of store facial recognition, accurately excavated customer needs from multiple dimensions such as customer product holdings, transaction behavior, relationship characteristics and value contribution, and established customer and marketing model. Based on big data marketing engine, personalized advertisements, coupons and marketing recommendation of exclusive products are realized, which brought customers a new feeling and experience of "self-assist, intelligence, wisdom". The efficiency of store business management, business conversion rate and customer satisfaction are effectively improved.

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