Public Safety

  • Argus Guardian-Visual Information Structured Platform

    Based on the structured perception of video information, KANKAN traffic management application comprehensively collects various data for cognitive analysis. On this basis, it participates in forecasting and identifying various types of traffic data monitoring, traffic violation, traffic contingency plan and traffic dispatching artificial intelligence models, coordinates with other industrial application software such as traffic operation monitoring and emergency command system, traffic engineering construction safety operation monitoring system, transportation safe production supervision system, tourism service big data system, traffic driving training online platform, greatly improve the safety and management efficiency of urban and intercity traffic.
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  • Facial ID-Dynamic Face

    By identifying and tracking the key feature points of the face, the face can be accurately recognized, and the identity of the person can be recognized and recorded even under the complicated and variable conditions. The recognized face feature data is compared with the face image in the database, that way it is able to efficiently recognize identity. The system is widely used in the prevention of blacklist suspects and to determine their location with rapid complex recognition.
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  • Application Cases

    Hangzhou Binjiang District Motorcycle Banned System

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    Technical Advantages

    • Motorcycle recognition and motorcycle license plate recognition
    • Electro-mobile and bicycles can be distinguished to effectively reduce false recognition rate

    Project Overview

    Motorcycles and electric vehicles that travel on motor vehicles are recognized in real time. Mark the illegal vehicles by the colored frame in the forensic frame, then send the forensic screenshot frame and related information to the central platform. It can recognize motorcycles in multiple situations such as front, side, back, shaded. Within the recognition range, the recognition rate is up to 87.5%.
    The AI recognition is deeply integrated with the HD camera network. By using the AI technology to recognize and record motorcycles in the traffic monitoring system, it decreases the manpower of traffic police and coverage time of video surveillance is increased. After the upgrade of security monitoring network, processing of motorcycle violations is faster, monitoring capability is effectively improved, implementation of no-motorcycle policy is guaranteed, and the traffic in Binjiang District has become smoother and safer.

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