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Industry Applications

  • community case 01

    Video Intercom Access Control Machine

    Binocular living facial recognition; High-definition video intercom; QR Code recognition; Support IC/ID; 7” and 10” high-definition touch screen; ARM quad-core processor; Android-based cloud intercom system; support various intelligent community platforms;

  • Facial Recognition Passageway - Achieving Identity Authentication, Access Statistics, QR Code & Access Card Swiping

    The output switch signals of personnel gates, electromagnetic gates, electric gates, etc. can be managed by facial recognition; the owner can open the door through facial recognition or swipe, and the visitor can access with QR code shared by the owner. Increase the efficiency of personnel control management.

    • High performance quad core Cortex-A17, 1.8GHz
    • 2GB RAM, 8GB flash memory
    • 7” LCD screen, 1024×600 resolution
    • 10/100Mbps Ethernet card, supporting self-adaptation
    community case 02
  • community case 03

    Intelligent Community APP

    Integrated with security intelligent monitoring system, facial recognition passage system, intelligent visitor reservation system, intelligent home and other core functions, the Community Access APP facilitates residents’ access and improves the property management efficiency.

  • Application Cases

    Ningbo “Intelligent Safe Residential Area” Project

    Technical Advantages

    • Deep learning algorithm independently developed by KANKAN AI
    • 99.83% Facial Recognition Accuracy
    • Finish recognition in milliseconds

    Project Overview

    The project which is the old residential area transformation project, it also captures the last kilometer person/vehicle information and data synchronization with public security information platform.

    In this project, KANKAN AI launches a facial recognition video intercom system based on self-developed technology, combined with cloud intercom technology, this system perfectly solves the problem of difficult reconstruction of the old community video intercom system.

    community case 04
  • Jiaoda Lvling - Intelligent Community Construction

    Project Overview

    KANKAN AI cooperated with Hesheng Hi-Tech to carry out intelligent upgrade of the personnel access facilities in Chengdu Jiaoda Lvling residential area. Facial recognition door machine and facial recognition gate channels were added to the building gates and the entrances and exits of the residential area respectively.

    The property management company can manage inhabitants through community APP, which ensured the normal operation of each system in the community, made the management more convenient and effective, and reduced the cost of manual operation.

    At the same time, the proprietors can upload face information through APP to realize face door-opening conveniently, visitor access authorization management, thus realized intelligent access; and the proprietors can check property announcements through APP and pay for living expenses; it provided the proprietors with intelligent, safe, healthy and comfortable living environment.

    community case 05
  • Reform of Zhongxing Garden Residential Area
    - Visual Intercom System for Building Gates

    Project Overview

    Zhongxing Garden residential area was built in 2000. Over the years, all kinds of basic hardware facilities of the residential area need to be reformed. KANKAN AI has reformed the building doors and visual intercom system of the residential area. The system adopts cloud intercom technology (no indoor device required), and the door machines could make call directly to the owner's cell phone APP and GSM telephone lines, so that both APP and GSM telephone can open the door via intercommunication with redundant network guarantee. At the same time, the facial recognition system is deployed in the residential area, which realized facial recognition door-opening function of the visual intercom system.

    community case 06
  • Hangzhou Wenli Primary School
    - Student Non-Perceptual Attendance System

    Project Overview

    The Wenli primary school, founded in September 2013 with 36 classes, covers an area of 21,748 square meters with a total construction area of 20,517 square meters. Wenli primary school has become a large-scale school in the district, it now has 38 classes, more than 80 teachers and more than 1600 students.

    School leaders attached great importance to the students’ arrival and departure statistics. In order to get the student's attendance information in real time, the school adopted the facial recognition senseless attendance system from KANKAN AI, and highly recognized the final implementation effect.

    community case 07
  • Shanghai Xinhua Hospital
    - Facial Recognition Access Control

    Project Overview

    Shanghai Xinhua Hospital is a university hospital affiliated with School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It was established in 1958, and was the first general hospital self-designed and built by Shanghai since the founding of new China. Its outpatient and emergency department are always one of the busiest among Shanghai's Grade 3, Class A hospitals.

    The hospital upgraded their original card-swipe access control system with KANKAN AI’s facial recognition access control equipment and visual intercom calling equipment. The new system effectively solved problems of original system, such as the management difficulties of one person with multiple cards, compatibilities of outdated equipment. The hospital leadership highly evaluated the solution.

    community case 08

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