Digital Transformation in Financial Industry Marketing Sector

  • Pain Points of Business Operation in Financial Industry

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    • Recently, the financial industry is lacking of data-driven sophisticated operation solutions with a unified customer portrait database, which makes it difficult to achieve continuous optimization for the whole business process. The customer experience and efficiency of existing traditional marketing methods are poor, because it is lacking of comprehensive strategy design for the entire life cycle of customer, and failing to achieve multi-channel and personalized recommendation. Online and offline marketing channels are not effectively combined to better reach customers. Meanwhile, the gaps still exist, that hinder comprehensive analysis for customer experience and marketing effectiveness.
    • Digital transformation is an inevitable choice for the traditional financial industry. Internet financing, digital economy, big data, AI, cloud computing, 5G and IoT are changing the business process, development mode and service mode of the traditional financial industry, and the competitions in the future will heavily depend on the speed and quality of digital transformation.

Help provide the blueprint of digital transformation to financial industry operation

Digital transformation for financial industry with '2+3+4' blueprint (dark blue part) - 2 management systems, 3 fundamental platforms, and 4 scenarios with integrated solutions.

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Core Product

Smart Precise Marketing Platform - DMP

  • Internal and external customer data integration: establish unified user data pool through bank’s WeChat subscription accounts, mini apps, and chat groups. 2.Establishing user portrait: digitalizing user data, in order to discover and increase user value, and attract potential customers.
  • Establishing user portrait: digitalizing user data, in order to discover and increase user value, and attract potential customers.
  • Marketing content management: reducing content production costs, and providing a variety of marketing campaigns to enhance user loyalty.
  • Precise marketing: Accurate customer operation strategy, hierarchical customer operation, digital reach, reduce marketing costs, increase new customer conversion rate and old customer retention rate.
  • Marketing data analysis: improving digital operation efficiency, and providing data to support sophisticated operation

Smart Community Operation Bot

  • Smart management: group accessing, group management, group member management, tag management, automatic banning.
  • Smart marketing: providing multi-group and multi-location message push and timed push functions. Realizing exponential user growth by awarding members who introduce new ones to come.
  • Smart reply: the bot could reply to specific topics automatically according to the keyword and pre-set conversation template 24 hours a day, like welcoming new members.
  • Smart analysis: Count the activity data, real-time grasp the community dynamics, the number of members, the status of speeches, activity and other situation analysis

Smart Digital Shelf

  • Precise marketing: online mall, wealth management, precious metals, funds, credit cards, etc.
  • Online mall: online product display, scan QR code to order online product.
  • Information release: deposit interest rate inquiry, and scrolling information display.
  • Voice broadcast: teller information display, and voice reminder for customers.
  • Marketing analysis: customer recognition and interactive behavior analysis through face recognition camera.

AIoT Operation Platform

  • Based on AI, IoT, edge computing, and 5G to build a smart branch and to empower digital transformation.
  • Building a smart marketing scenario with smart traffic counting and VIP recognition system, VCA system for incident detection, smart edge computing box, smart dressing mirror, etc.
  • The platform could integrate with various additional sensors, and support more smart home functions and hardware for future construction.
  • For managers, customers and operators, the system can provide different functions to meet different roles.

Solution Core Values

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    efficient user growth by integrating with WeChat eco-system

    Connecting with WeChat’s eco-system, we could proactively reach users, increase user growth efficiency while reducing costs, and enable a new growth engine

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    reforming old thinking to create more values

    From customer thinking to user operation, from transaction thinking to customer experience, operating customers in an all-round way, improving customer conversion rate and customer value

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    Legitimate and agile user growth

    Internal management is safe and compliant, external connections are agile and efficient, and users grow steadily

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    Resources integration and business empowerment

    Integrating methodologies, tools and organization, and proven to be effective to empower business

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    marketing upgrade for all channel

    Establishing a unified user view, integrating online and offline marketing engagement, supporting all domain marketing, and improving customer marketing experience, aiming to serve customers in a personalized and scenario-based manner.

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