Smart Security


  • zhang

    In recent year, public security surveillance video data had been increasing tremendously

  • jxsduan

    Public safety management is lack of the effective techniques to analyze massive data

  • zhongyao

    Real time analysis and prediction for key personnel and events are becoming more and more important


  • advantege1

    Reliable algorithm, support multi-angle analysis and apply to multiple scenarios.

  • advantege2

    Leading object searching technique, achieves face retrieval among 20 million data in seconds

  • advantege3

    Massive analysis models and rich objective feature tags

  • advantege4

    Based on KANKAN recognition computing platform, KANKAN AI can provide prediction of illegal activity

  • advantege5

    High effective deep learning algorithm with GPU based architecture

  • advantege6

    Distributed computing framework, easy to deploy

Key Technology

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    Dynamic Facial Recognition

  • icon2

    Static State Facial Recognition

  • icon3

    Facial Feature Analysis

  • icon4

    Pose Analysis

  • icon5

    Pedestrian Feature Analysis

  • icon6

    Non-Motor Vehicle Feature Analysis

  • icon7

    Vehicle Feature Analysis

  • icon8

    Search Image by Image

  • icon9

    Abnormal Event Detection

  • icon10

    Event Trend Analysis

Application Scenario

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    Smart Traffic

  • cj 2


  • cj 3

    School Campus

  • cj 4

    Smart Community

  • cj 5

    Safety in Production

  • cj 6

    Train Station

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