Scheme Characteristics

Help kindergartens and parents to effectively and comprehensively ensure children's safety, health and happiness

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    We have the access control containing facial recognition and big data analysis technology, it is used to eliminate the occurrence of wrong pick-up, false alarm, kidnap, and other incidents

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    Use the intelligent morning inspection machine to check and record the child's height, weight, body temperature and other information to ensure the child's daily health and generate the growth photo album.

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    Intelligent library machine is used to analyze children's reading interest, and provide data support for schools to introduce new book types and help parents to develop children's reading interest

Key Functions

  • Facial Recognition Pick-Up/Drop-off System

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    Support facial recognition and card-swiping for check-in. Send notification to parents' WeChat about student’s arrival and departure from school. Ensure students are safely picked up, and improve the efficiency of attendance management.

    Characteristic Functions

    • Single Facial Recognition Attendance:Voice prompts names when parents come to pick up and drop off children to school.
    • Double Face Matching:When parents leave the kindergarten with children, the machine will check if the relationship matching is successful. Voice will prompt both of their names.
    • Sticker Function:After the face is recognized successfully, stickers can be added to the snapshot photos.
  • Intelligent Morning Inspection System

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    Intelligent morning inspection machine recognizes students' faces, and collects information of height, weight, body temperature and other physical conditions. It will upload them to the management platform, automatically generates growth manuals, and allowing parents to check their children's morning inspection records on WeChat.

    • Facial Recognition: Automatically identify and verify the student's identity and upload the student's health information to the background in real time.
    • Temperature detection:Infrared temperature detection, daily temperature detection of students, timely detection of influenza and other diseases and abnormal status;
    • Height measurement:Record students' height automatically every day.
    • Weight measurement:Record students' weight automatically every day.
    • Intelligent photography:Capture and record photos automatically every day.
    • WeChat push:Send the morning inspection record to parents' WeChat every day.
    • Growth manual:Automatically generate growth manual from morning inspection data;
  • Intelligent Book Borrowing Analysis System

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    Through the statistical analysis of the students' borrowing records, the children's hobbies and interests are recorded, and the “precise” teaching can be realized.

    Characteristic Functions

    • Facial recognition and code scanning lending:Recognizing the face and scanning bar code to complete the process of borrowing books and generate the borrowing records at the same time.
    • Lending statistics:statistics on the classification of books borrowed by children and the duration, generate statistical reports, so that teachers and parents can better understand children's reading interest and reading time;
    • Popular recommendation:According to the book-borrowing statistics, it provides data support for school to pick the book types and develop the interest of reading for children and parents.

System Architecture

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Technical Advantage

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Hardware Products

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    Integrated Pick-up/Drop-off and Attendance Machine

    The integrated pick-up/drop-off and attendance machine verifies the identity of personnel through facial recognition to complete quick verification within 1s if it is verified, then the facial information will be transmitted to the backend for attendance record. It will also send to parents' WeChat for reminder and confirmation. It helps the kindergarten to ensure the safety of students entering/leaving kindergarten also meanwhile help teachers to improve the efficiency of children attendance management.

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    Intelligent Morning Inspection Machine

    Intelligent morning inspection machine can identify kindergarten students by facial recognition camera, and collect information such as height, weight, body temperature and upload to the backend server. Parents can check children's height, weight and body temperature information on WeChat, and generate growth photo albums.

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    Intelligent Library / Intelligent Book Borrowing Machine

    Intelligent library / intelligent book borrowing machine can identify kindergarten students through facial recognition cameras and records the borrowed books through matching the scanned bar-code and children’s faces.

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Application Scenario


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