Production Safety

Industry Applications

  • production case 01

    Safety Supervision Guard - Safe Production Intelligent Supervision System

    AI recognition algorithm based on deep learning integrates multiple security supervision recognition algorithms; it can directly connect with the original surveillance cameras to achieve real-time, high-efficiency and high-precision recognition; multi-protocol interface supports access or integration into third party application system platform.

    It uses surveillance cameras throughout the production area, based on video images and through artificial intelligence machine vision technology, realizes recognition, analysis, judgment and early warning of safety events in production process. It provides timely and effective visual intelligent supervision method for safety management in production process, which can enhance production safety management.

  • production case 02

    Facial Recognition Access Control Machine - Achieving Identity Authentication, Access Statistics and Safe Access

    It can output switching signals for personnel gates, electromagnetic gates, moto-driven gates, etc. It can use facial recognition + helmet recognition to manage personnel to access key areas. Helmet recognition can interact with facial recognition access control machine, and keep people who does not wear helmet from accessing key areas.

  • production case 03

    Intelligent Recognition Server - Achieving Intelligent Recognition of Face, Helmet and Fire

    Integrated with algorithms such as facial recognition, helmet recognition, chef hat recognition, fire recognition, mouse recognition and electronic fence recognition, the GPU server can be used for local deployment.

  • production case 04

    Large Screen Data Dashboard

    With large screen LED screen which is fixed on the wall of the personnel passageway or conference room, relevant data information of the construction site intelligent management system could be displayed.

    It’s easy to install and deploy. APK could be directly installed in the Android based smart TV with wireless connection to the server, and host PC or network cable are not required.

    Simple operations on the data dashboard of the site intelligent management system could be performed by using the TV remote control.

  • Application Cases

    A CITIC Guoan Construction Group Construction Site - Intelligent Safe Production Supervision System

    production case 07

    Technical Advantages

    • It can recognize the face and helmet wearing at the same time, and generate violation records for those who do not wear the helmet, and can be linked with the personnel passageway.
    • Multiple recognition can be achieved by the original surveillance cameras.

    Project Overview

    CITIC Guoan Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd. is affiliated to CITIC Guoan Group under CITIC Group. The total assets are about 10.5 billion yuan, ranked as "Top 100 Enterprises in Sichuan Province". KANKAN AI and CITIC Guoan Construction Group cooperated deeply in safe production supervision field at application level. Considering the actual needs of safe production management and personnel management in construction field, KANKAN AI provided CITIC Guoan the Intelligent Safe Production Supervision System for a key model construction site in Shenzhen.

    Since the system has gone online, alarm incidents related to violation of safe production management regulations at the construction site, such as missing safety helmet and accessing dangerous areas, can be viewed timely in the monitoring center through large screen, desktop computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. This meets the requirement of CITIC Guoan Construction Group for safe production management at the construction site. Relevant management personnel can conduct real-time supervision on personnel safety violations at the site anytime, and can timely identify potential safety hazards, promptly check and correct, improve safety supervision indicators, and improve the efficiency of production and safety supervision.

  • KANKAN Cooperate with Oyun
    Technology on Intelligent Construction Site Safe Production Application Upgrade

    production case 05

    Project Overview

    Oyun Technology is an intelligent construction site technical service provider, which provides integrated and professional Intelligent construction site solutions for the construction industry regulatory authorities, construction company and participating construction company. Through the establishment of a close, and long-term partnership, KANKAN and Oyun Technology have decided to utilize KANKAN's innovative R&D in AI technology and the advantages of Oyun Technology in Intelligent Construction Site to integrate both soft and hardware system into the solution.

    Oyun Technology's Intelligent Construction Site platform products have successfully realized product empowerment through the industry-leading artificial intelligence recognition technologies such as facial recognition, helmet recognition and electronic fence, provided by KANKAN.

  • A Intelligent Construction Site - Intelligent Identification of Violations

    production case 06

    Project Overview

    China Construction First Building (Group) Co., Ltd. established in October 1995, it is the most international competitiveness in China State Construction Group.

    KANKAN collaborated with the science and technology department of the construction group to communicate their needs multiple times, and combined with the field investigation, and finally tailored the artificial intelligence-based site safety intelligent supervision solution for the construction group company. Intelligent Management Cloud Platform is the core component of the whole system, using the world's leading artificial intelligence recognition and analysis technology. At the same time, the system also achieved nationwide networking, hierarchical supervision and other functions. Through the deployment of this project, the construction companies under the group can supervise construction safety in real time, discover potential safety hazards, check and correct them, it has improved multiple safety supervision indicators, and improve the safety precautions, management level and civilized norms of construction sites.

  • Shanghai Longjing Technology allied with KANKAN AI launched
    Intelligent Kitchen Monitoring System in Minhang District of Shanghai

    production case 08

    Technical Advantages

    • Digitization: Informatization of supervision links, digitalized management of supervision system, and improvement of supervision effectiveness
    • Centralization: Cloud based supervision system, remote centralized supervision, improved supervisory efficiency
    • Intellectualization: Intelligent system is used to assist manual supervision, and expand supervision coverage quantity and time.

    Project Overview

    Shanghai Longjing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which is led by Shanghai Joint Investment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Minhang District Government and jointly invested by overseas venture capital companies, and jointly founded by senior managers and technicians of internationally known high-tech enterprises.

    REMARKAI and Longjing Technology cooperated deeply in the field of kitchen hygiene production from the management application level, combined the practical application kitchen production scenario of local restaurants and the actual needs of kitchen hygiene production management, provided an intelligent kitchen monitoring system for Minhang District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

    After the system goes online, the real-time status of the managed kitchen is under centralized supervision on cloud. For violations of management requirements of the supervision department, such as: strangers entering the kitchen, production without chef's hat, production without masks,  infestations of mice, the system can continuously supervise and recognize for 24 hours without interruption, centralized submit violation event records from management client, and save forensic photos. Administrators do not need to manually monitor the video in real time, and can confirm and review the saved violation records anywhere and anytime, violation problems can be found in time, thus the efficiency of supervision was improved.

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